The 3r's - pb4l

2023 PB4L without lesson plans.pdf

Our goal is to nurture and inspire positive behaviour by empowering all in our school community. We will do this by providing a safe and supportive learning environment.

Classroom Reward Systems

Classroom may have their own reward systems in place to recognise effort and achievement in class during the year.


Reward Certificates

Classroom teachers will award two certificates for academic achievements, effort or attitude.


Duffy Book Awards

Duffy Book awards will also be issued for attitude or efforts related to learning or achievements in social skills.


Principal’s Awards

The Principal will issue three awards each school assembly. One award will be for students demonstrating the attributes of Respect, one for the attributes of Resiliency and one for the attributes of Responsibility.


PB4L 3R’s Certificates

One certificate per class will be given based on the behavioural goal for the previous two weeks.


Quick Notes

These are frequent rewards that will be given to children during class time for displaying any of the 3R’s


Attendance Award.

A weekly award for students who have 100% attendance.


Friday Treat Day

Every Friday 1 student from each room will be chosen to go to the Library for cooking/eating, board games and treat time.


Daily Playground Awards

Handed out by staff on duty TA”s and  the Pal’s students.  Students who receive these take them to the principal, explain why they received them and get a reward.


Pizza Award

        Prize draw every 2 weeks  for the students who have had no warnings. The receive a

        mini pizza. One student from each class.



Every 2nd week Tangible reward.  To received this students must be on time (Beat the Bell) 100% attendance.