Our Values


Being respectful is taking someone's feelings, needs, thought, ideas, wishes and preferences into consideration, giving them worth and value.

Blaketown children do the following:

  • Use their manners - Please, thank you, no thank you and excuse me

  • Put up their hand if they have a question

  • Wait patiently to speak, we do not interrupt

  • Care about their work and value the work of others

  • Look after each other


Responsibility is being accountable for something being done or not.

Blaketown children do the following:

  • Complete the work they are asked to complete

  • Ask questions

  • Help each other


Resilience is the power to bounce back in the face of adversity.

Blaketown children do the following:

  • Make mistakes and that's ok

  • Learn from their mistakes

  • Pick themselves up, dust themselves off and have another go

  • Don't give up