Our School

Kia ora and welcome to Blaketown School.

Our school is committed to the growth of our children academically and socially.

Our school community is committed to providing an inclusive, inspiring, creative, challenging and safe learning environment, where all children enjoy taking responsibility for their own learning.

We endeavor to develop strong, positive relationships with parents and the wider community to ensure a sense of belonging. The diversity of different backgrounds are appreciated and valued at Blaketown school and are weaved into our teaching practice.

Mission - Blaketown School delivers appropriate educational programmes and experiences; honouring our past and preparing our students to become motivated members of society.

Vision - To develop confident, motivated, independent life-long learners.

Motto - Together we learn

PB4L Vision - Our goal is to nurture and inspire positive behaviour by empowering all in our school community. We will do this by providing a safe and supportive learning environment.

Our School Culture

At Blaketown school we provide opportunities for our children to experience leadership roles within our classrooms and playground. We encourage children to develop these skills by meeting new challenges and taking on responsibilities. Our school wide values are visible around the school and clear links are made to our behavioral expectations.

Our children are acknowledged through positive praise, awards, reward days and events such as Young Leaders Day when they reach the senior school.

Our school culture is reflected in the success and happiness of our children.


We believe that every child learns in their own unique way and at their own pace. We adapt our teaching to the changing needs of our children and their families. We work hard to make learning enjoyable for all and strive for success.

Parental Involvement

We encourage all parents to be involved in their child's learning and aim to have an open and supportive relationship with family to help ensure this happens.

We aim to work together with you to set goals for your child and work towards a successful outcome together.

We have an open door policy so pop in and see all the amazing learning we are doing at Blaketown School.

Culturally Responsive Learning

Our diverse range of learners are engaged through our classrooms and teaching. It is highly important to our staff that your child feels empowered, acknowledged and accepted within Blaketown School.

Principal's Message

A very warm welcome is extended to all from Blaketown School. Blaketown School is a full primary school and caters for Year 0 - 8 pupils. The staff of the school are experienced, dedicated and caring professionals.

We are proudly a ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning School’. Our curriculum strongly reflects the school values of Respect, Responsibility and Resiliency.

We provide a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy and recognise the talents and abilities of all students through a range of exciting and varied programs. We believe in and provide a high standard of teaching and learning programs where students have fun and feel safe.

Blaketown School enhances student learning through the use of Chromebooks and Ipads. These technologies are seen as a tool for learning not the focus of learning. The school is well resourced and assists children to take responsibility for their learning.

Mawhera Kahui Ako (Community of Learning) is a cluster of 13 schools from the Grey District, West Coast, New Zealand. The Mawhera Kahui Ako is built on a strong foundation of trust, as members have previously worked together in a school improvement initiative. Eleven of our 13 schools are also part of the Manaiakalani Outreach Programme (Toki Pounamu), so the Kahui Ako has provided a vehicle to accelerate progress. The Woolf Fisher Research Centre is collecting and analysing our data, which included teacher observations, parent/child surveys, robust moderation practices and feed-forward.

There is considerable pride taken by staff, the PTF, the Board of Trustees, children and wider community in the school. Parents enjoy an open door policy and there is a high level of communication between home and school. This is reflected in a superb learning environment for all.

Christine Smith


Board Chair's Message

It is with great pleasure that I’d like to welcome you to Blaketown School.

Blaketown School has a long history of providing high quality educational programmes that stimulate and encourage our students to learn, reflect on their learning and apply their new skills in a variety of contexts.

What sets Blaketown School education apart from others is our small class sizes, family focussed ethos, a team of excellent teachers, strong leadership, well-resourced curriculum and a supportive and committed community.

Students who graduate from Blaketown School leave with a lifelong love of learning, courage, confidence, creativity and are ready to make a contribution to the world around.

At Blaketown School we cherish the values or Respect, Responsibility and Resiliency. During their time at Blaketown School these values will be taught, practiced and reinforced daily.

For a Blaketown School Student, being respectful is taking someone's feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas, wishes and preferences into consideration, giving them worth and value. Being responsible, is being accountable for something being done or not and being resilient, is having the power to bounce back in the face of adversity.

I know your child will enjoy their time at Blaketown School and I look forward to meeting you sometime in our wonderful community.

Christine Burrows

Chairperson, Blaketown School Board of Trustees