Learning Programmes

We work hard as a team to achieve success and to make learning enjoyable for our children across all areas of learning. As professionals, we respond to the changing needs of our children and their families.

We encourage all parents to be part of their child’s learning and aim to have open and supportive relationships between teacher and parents. It is about children, teachers and parents working together to set goals and work towards shared outcomes for our learners.


Children in year 3 to year 8 follow the Pr1me Maths programme. Children purchase a book at the beginning of the year for practice activities that are related to the group learning they take part in with the teacher. Pr1me covers five strands of math across six year levels. These are: Numbers and Operations, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis and Algebra. Pr1me views mathematical learning as a journey that everyone is capable of.

Accelearted Learning

If a child is experiencing difficulty in an area of learning, Blaketown school has a range of interventions, in class with our teachers and/or using our teacher aides to accelerate the progress of children and support them along their learning journey.

Early Words - is a literacy programme to speed the attainment of basic sight words that support reading and writing.

Phonics - our Teacher Aides follow a systematic phonics programme designed to build and improve on the previous years’ knowledge.

Toe by Toe - this is a programme to support older students finding reading difficult.