About our school

Blaketown School is classified as a full primary school and caters for Year 0-8 pupils. The present staff is 4.0 teachers. There is strong collegial support between the dedicated and hard working staff.

Since 1994 there has been a high level of development at the school - especially in curriculum and property. Staff development has been completed and programmes have been written to comply with the new curriculum. In 2015 a new hall was built. This is a multi-use facility which will benefit our students and our community. These changes combined with our existing facilities mean that the students of Blaketown School enjoy a modern learning facility.

Most of the pupils are drawn from the Blaketown area but there are also pupils travelling from outside the area to attend the school.

The school is supported by an active Board of Trustees and Parent, Teacher and Friends Association. There is close liaison between the school and wider community. This is fostered by community use of the grounds for sports practice and school events.

School wide behaviour management systems have been developed, successfully encouraging acceptable pupil behaviour. A wide range of support services are accessed when necessary to support staff in providing quality programmes for pupils of all abilities.

The reporting to parents process is objective based and directly linked to class programming. Planning, assessment and evaluation systems are in place to help teachers deliver effective classroom programmes to meet the needs of the pupils and the New Zealand Curriculum which includes Values, Principles, and Key Competencies.